Vasilika Klimova

Software Engineer Team Lead Engineering Manager Speaker My CV


Hi, I am a Software Engineer with a primary focus on the Web 👩🏻‍💻. Shortly speaking, I can create the most fabulous websites 😎


At University I studied C and C++ languages, and in 2012, I got a Master's Degree with honors in Engineering and Technology in the field of Information Technology and Computer Science.


I started my career as a Full Stack Developer (PHP, JavaScript, CMS) in 2010. At Artec3D company, I became a Frontend Team Lead and learned how to work with amazing tasks in the 3D world (WebGL, Three.js).


I always like to share my knowledge with others; therefore, since 2015, I have been a Speaker at different IT meetups and conferences (ru/en).


I have been working as a freelance Teacher at different offline/online IT schools. In 2019 I founded SkillUp Web School in Luxembourg.
At SkillUp School, I help people without any IT background to be involved in our industry. I'd love to inspire you to join the IT industry! I have a Discord channel where I share IT news and mentor people 👩🏻‍🏫.


In 2019 I also founded Cute Geek IT Agency. At Cute Geek, we do different web projects for clients (React, 3D/Three.js, e-commerce, WordPress).


In 2022 I was proud to become a Google Developer Expert.
I love to be self-organized and I believe I am good in management, so, I passed PSPO I and PAL I exams (Agile, Scrum).

Right to work

I can work as an employee or as a contractor. I have been living more than 6 years in Luxembourg and I have got Luxembourgish citizenship. I dream to work fully remote. My CV

I like:

  • 🌍 traveling (I have visited more than 30 countries, and I want more!),
  • 🐍 animals (❤️ my ginger cat 😺),
  • 🤿 diving (resque diver license),
  • 📚 reading (programming, psychology, fantasy),
  • 🎮 board games & video games (Mass Effect & Detroit: Become Human are my favourite).